2016/04/10 - Apache Wookie has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

New and Noteworthy: Apache Wookie 0.9.2 (incubating)

New oAuth 2.0 Feature

Wookie widgets can now use oAuth 2.0 to connect to remote services. There is a "Facebook Friend" demo widget in scratchpad/widgets to try out - uncomment include.scratchpad.widgets in your build.properties file to try it out.

New Widget Templating System

A new templating system is available for creating widgets, enabling widgets to have a common look-and-feel or to reuse functionality; you can edit the template and all widgets based on it can be regenerated with the changes. Documentation and examples of both templates and widgets created from them can be found in widgets/templates

New proxy policy management

Rather than manage separate "Whitelist" and "Access Request" lists using the web interface, in 0.9.2 we've introduced a much simpler "policies" file that can be edited in a text editor. Changes to the file are updated live in the server. The policies file itself contains more detailed documentation, and can be found in src/policies or WEB-INF/classes/policies on a running server. Policies can still be edited using the web interface, and a REST API endpoint can be found at /wookie/policies.