2016/04/10 - Apache Wookie has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Deploying widgets when building Wookie

When you build and run Wookie using Ant, you can select which sets of Widgets are to be included in the build. There are two collections of widgets available: extras and scratchpad.

Extras contains demonstration widgets that are useful for demonstrating Wookie and can also be used in live systems. These include some games, collaboration tools and simple information widgets.

Scratchpad contains experimental widgets, and include demonstrations of advanced features and widgets used for testing purposes.

To configure which - if any - widgets are deployed with Wookie, you use the following properties in build.properties:

# Uncomment to include Extra widgets
# Uncomment to include Scratchpad widgets

To enable a set of widgets, uncomment the line "include.extra.widgets" and/or "include.scratchpad.widget".

Note that you can install either set, both or none.

Deploying widgets at runtime

To deploy individual widgets at runtime, add the ".wgt" file to the deploy folder of the running web application. Wookie will unpack the widget and install it.

Note that Wookie will ignore files that do not end in ".wgt".