2016/04/10 - Apache Wookie has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.


We provide binary distributions of the most recent stable release for your convenience. Many people will want to work with the source directly, but this page will be useful for those just wanting to see Wookie in action or deploy a stable release.

Apache Wookie Source Releases are available separately

Apache Wookie 1.0.0 Standalone

Apache Wookie 1.0.0 WAR

Please verify your downloads with the Release Signing Keys

Previous versions of Wookie can be found here, while older incubating releases can be found here

Getting Started

Standalone Version

The standalone version of wookie is not meant for full deployment purposes, rather it is intended as an easy and simple way to quickly see what wookie is about without the need to configure various databases and servers.

As such it uses a preconfigured Jetty server and Derby database that are included in the download package. To run it you must have installed the Java JDK

To start the server run the startup.bat (Windows) or startup.sh (*nix) script.

To stop the server run the shutdown.bat (Windows) or shutdown.sh (*nix) script

To view the running server visit http://localhost:8080/wookie

For more information, see the STANDALONE_BUILD_NOTES file in the download package.

WAR Version

This build is meant to get a user started with the process of deploying Wookie under an existing application container and as such Wookie is made available in WAR format. For more information on setup and configuration, see the WAR_BUILD_NOTES file in the download package.