2016/04/10 - Apache Wookie has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

These are instructions to help community members with testing new releases.

TODO - out of date instructions - need to update! - References to UI have been depricated

Test Environment

Ideally the client will access from a different network machine to the server.

Testing the Build and Run Scripts

There are three different types of build to test for release. All should be available in the latest release branch on svn and/or in the staging area as declared on the wookie-dev list.

Widget Gallery



Widget tests

Widget Deployment

Gadget Deployment

Note that Gadget deployment will only work if you have also installed Shindig according to the instructions for Integrating Wookie with Shindig. If you haven't installed and configured Shindig, skip this step.

* Repeat the Widget Deployment above but with a Gadget rather than a Widget

Remove Widget

* Click "Remove widget"
* find the test widget and delete it
* check widget is not available in widget gallery

Service Types

FIXME: How do we test this?

White List

Click White List then carry out the following actions

Access request policies



Thanks for testing.

Please be sure to report your successes and failures in the developer mailing list. Please include:

Release versions tested: Source/Standalone/WAR Server OSs: Server and browser separate machines?: Servlet Engine: Java version: Browsers tests: Browser versions: Tested with Shindig integration?: Yes/No Results: All tests passed/I had the following problem(s)